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All You Need To Know About QUEBEC Immigrant Investor Program

In the Quebec immigration program lies the immigrant investor program. Unfortunately, we will like you to know that it is the most vigorous immigration program in Canada yet has limited available spots yearly and surprisingly, filling up quite fast.

This category is tailor-made specifically for experienced investors who desire to invest their net worth and valuable assets in the Quebec province.

That being said, for an applicant to be eligible to apply for this immigration program, he or she must possess a minimum of $2 million CAD and must indicate interest in investing a minimum of $1,200,000 CAD with a financial intermediary in Quebec.

It may also interest you to know that the Quebec immigrant investor program is passive which implies that you are not expected to build or actively oversee a business in Quebec but must have intentions of living in the province.

Furthermore, successful applicants are given what is called a selection certificate from Quebec for migrating to Canada and this certificate permits you to obtain Canadian permanent residence after health and criminality inspection by the Federal immigration authorities.


For you to be eligible for Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, you must have these basic requirements;


Here is one criterion you must meet to qualify for the Quebec Investor Program, you must have minimum net assets of $2 million CAD. Besides, this amount must have been earned legitimately and the amount gotten within 6 months of your application date cannot be accepted.

Moreover, applicants must submit supporting documents to prove the net worth of their present assets and the history of how the funds were acquired over time which can include their previous employment income, inheritances, local market conditions, businesses, and donations. These documents will in no small measure speed up your application process. 

How can you establish your net worth? Through real estate evaluations, bank statements, financial statements, investor booklet, and any relevant updated documentation. However, you are not required to submit evidence of assets above $2 million and the assets of your spouse or common-law partner can be used.


You must know that one of the sole aims of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is to attract business experts and investment to Quebec thereby improving their economy as well.

It is most likely that an eligible applicant must have owned or managed a valid trade or business such as farming, commercial, or industrial businesses or even professional practices where the staff occupy a position that is at least equivalent to two full-time jobs; or work for the government or international organization rather than just managing investment activities.

Please note that not actively managing a business may disqualify you in this context. For instance, some people are passive real estate investors, investment managers and do not manage the business, therefore being a real estate developer may make one eligible but just owning real estate may not qualify.

Also, according to the applicable regulations, the required experience does not include the ones gathered in the context of an apprentice or training even if you have a diploma to attest to that.


Successful applicants are required to make their investment with Investissement Quebec for five years and upon expiration of the duration, the capital is returned to the applicant WITHOUT interest.

The five years duration begins to count once the applicant is issued a selection certificate even before he or she arrives in Canada. Whatever proceeds that are gotten from the investment are utilized in funding different business and social programs within the walls of Quebec. 

Applicants are also allowed to fund the bulk of their investment via investment banks and assigned securities brokerage firms. Usually, a down payment is needed by the financing program before the bank can loan the balance up to $1.2 million, then the applicant proceeds to deposit the fund with Investissement Quebec. 

Upon expiration of the five years, the down payment is not refunded. The bank goes ahead to take fees and interest from it and the immigration agent also takes their commission from the down payment too.

  1. Meet the minimum required points as stated on the Quebec Investor Points Assessment Grid
  1. Applicants must have intentions of residing within the Quebec province/territory

Investors who were able to meet the aforementioned criteria and are still interested in migrating to Quebec can proceed to apply for a CSQ from the and to apply for this program, you must submit a hard copy(paper-based) through mail or courier. 

Furthermore, other factors are considered in your application such as language proficiency, age, and training background. As expected, at every given period, there is a limit to the number of applications that can be accepted and applications are accepted only during the stipulated period for intake of application.


All Quebec Investor Program candidates need to meet the required minimum point on the assessment grid listed below.

1. Training
Educational Level
l General diploma for Secondary school2 points
Secondary school vocational diploma6 points
Post-secondary general diploma:  minimum of 2 years4 points
Post-secondary technical diploma: minimum of 2 years6 points
Post-secondary technical diploma: minimum of 3 years8 points
Undergraduate studies: minimum of 1 year4 points
Undergraduate studies: minimum of 2 years6 points
Undergraduate studies: 3 years and above10 points
Master’s Degree12 points
Doctorate14 points
Maximum points14 points
2. Experience
Experience in the management of the investor
Below 2 years0 point
2 years and above10 points
Cut-off mark10 points
Maximum Score10 points
3. Age bracket
From 18 to 45 years of age10 points
46 years8  points
47 years6  points
48 years
4  points
49 years2  points
50 years and above 0 point
Maximum points10 points
4. Language proficiency
Compréhension orale0, 5, 6 ou 7 points
Production orale0, 5, 6 or 7 points
Compréhension écrite0 or 1 point
Production écrite0 or 1 point
Listening ability0, 1 or 2 points
Speaking ability0, 1 or 2 points
Reading ability0 or 1 point
Writing ability0 or 1 point
Maximum score22 points
5. Stay and family in Quebec
Stay in Quebec
To school for 1 regular full-time semester or more when schooling is the major reason5 point
To work full-time, for 3 months or more where work is the major activity5 points
To work under a youth exchange program for a minimum of 6 months, where work is the major activity5 points
For business purposes for a minimum of 1 week2 points
Other stays for a minimum of 14 days1 point
Other stays for a minimum of 3 months2 points
Maximum points5 points
Members of Family in Quebec
Partner, Dad, mum, brother, sister, son, daughter, grandmother, and grandfather3 points
Maximum score8 point
10. Adaptability
Global appreciation0 à 5
Maximum5 points
13. Investment Agreement
Complies with official regulations0 or 25
Cut-off score25 points
Maximum25 points
Cut-off score (all factors)40 points(94 maximum)

Finally, at this point, you must understand that the major aim of this program is to lure investors into Quebec to improve their economic sector. It is safe to say that this is a trade-by-barter because you are allowed to migrate to Canada and reside in Quebec while you help improve their economy. It is a win-win situation for both the applicant and the government of Quebec.

Also, note that the assessment grid can be altered and changes effected at any point in time and the government of Quebec reserves the right to do so.

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