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How does Provincial Nominee Program Works: Immigrate to Canada

One of the pathways available to foreigners to immigrate to Canada and obtain a Canadian permanent residence is the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). The PNPs are one of the fastest and growing routes to economic immigration in Canada.

Every Canadian province and territory operates its own PNP. The program would allow these provinces and territories to nominate skilled workers to immigrate to Canada according to its economic and demographic requirements.   

A successful candidate to a PNP is one step closer to becoming a permanent resident of Canada. He or She would then have to submit an application for permanent residence to the federal government.

Provinces and Territories

Every Canadian province and territory operates its own PNP designed to meet its economic and demographic requirements or needs. Criteria and application processes therefore vary. It is important to be aware of the criteria and application process of the province or territory you are interested in.

Provinces and Territories in Canada;

·        Alberta

·        British Columbia

·        Manitoba

·        New Brunswick

·        Newfoundland and Labrador

·        Northwest Territories

·        Nova Scotia

·        Ontario

·        Prince Edward Island

·        Quebec

·        Saskatchewan

·        Yukon

Number of PNPs in Canada

Canada has thirteen provinces and territories operating its Provincial Nominee Program. There are more than 80 different provincial nominee programs

Express Entry Provincial Nominee Programs

In 2015, the Entry Express (which is one of the fastest pathways to immigrate to Canada) was introduced. Ever since many Canadian provinces and territories had advanced their PNP to be aligned with the Express Entry.

This, therefore, means if you are nominated by the PNP aligned with the Express Entry system, you would be able to claim 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points which in turn guarantees you to receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence in the next Express Entry draw.

Successful PNP nominees whose PNP is not aligned with Express Entry would have to submit a paper-based federal application for permanent residence. This process takes a longer period when compared to the Express Entry Provincial Nominee Program.

How to Apply for a Provincial Nominee Program in Canada?

Follow these very simple steps to apply for a Provincial Nominee Program to Immigrate to Canada

Step 1: Find the PNP that is Right for you

Step 2:  Determine Your Eligibility 

Step 3: Apply for the PNP

Step 4: Check the Process Times

Step 5: Provide Required Documents

Step 6: Prepare Your Arrival to Canada or Apply Again With Corrections to Application

How long do PNP Processing Takes?

The processing time varies from one province to another. Although, it normally takes a few months to have your application processed. 

Are you Confused about how to Begin your Journey to Canada?

No doubt, immigrating to Canada can be confusing. If you are feeling confused, you would need to worry less and take out time to read this guide; it will help you a lot

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