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Top 10 Hotel Jobs in Canada, 2023- How To Apply  

Take a look at these top 10 hotel jobs in Canada if you want to work in the hospitality sector and have a talent for making visitors feel at home.

 There are many opportunities available, regardless of your level of experience in the hospitality industry.

These jobs might seem menial, but they are doorways to greater job opportunities in the sector. 

 The Top 10 hotel jobs in Canada for 2023 are shown below. 

Top Hotel Jobs in Canada, 2023

1. Night Cleaner

  • Hiring Firm: Sutton Place
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Salary: $23–$27 an hour
  • Job type: Full-time/Shift & Schedule

Expected Job Duties

  • Office cleaning including vacuuming and waste removal.
  • Ensuring the hotel grounds are tidy every night.
  •  Cleaning which includes sweeping, mopping, polishing, emptying trash and recycling bins, and cleaning offices and corridors, among other tasks. 
  •  Washing walls, cleaning upholstered furniture on the spot, vacuuming/washing window coverings, and other cleaning tasks as directed by the supervisor.
  • Stocking and maintaining restrooms.
  • Fixtures should be cleaned, and bulbs should be changed as needed.

2. EVS Attendant-CNB

  • Hiring Firm: Great Canadian
  • Location: Monctonn, NB
  • Salary Range: $15.00–$16.90 an hour.
  • Job type: Shift & schedule.

Expected Job duties

  • Clean the casino’s equipment, floors, rubbish, and restrooms. 
  • Assists in keeping the floors, windows, bathrooms, and counters of the events centre clean.
  • Any unsafe protective equipment or equipment that could put someone in danger should be reported.
  • Participate in all additional tasks as assigned.

3. Room Attendant

  • Hiring Firm: Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited
  • Location: Langley, BC
  • Job type: Full-time/ Shift & Schedule

Expected Job Duties 

  • Use health and safety regulations and safe work practices.
  • Inform the business of any maintenance or safety problems.
  • Ensure hotel public spaces and rooms are spotless.
  • Ensure that all designated service locations are kept clean.
  • Regular upkeep and replenishment of in-room amenities and other cleaning supplies.
  • Assure the safety, privacy, and property of the visitor.

4. Attendant-Laundry

  • Hiring Firm: Marriott International, Inc
  • Location: Saskatoon, SK
  • Job type: Full-time.

Expected Job Duties 

  • After each wash load, you’ll clear the dryer screens, dry cleaning filters, and drain traps of any lint or debris. 
  • Choose whether to repair, spot treat, rewash, or discard stained or damaged items.
  • Operate and keep an eye on equipment for drying, dry cleaning, and washing, as well as applying chemicals and cleaning lint traps. 
  •  Examine the cleanliness of items before placing them in clean linen trolleys after removing them from the washer, dryer, or dry cleaner. 
  • Depending on the fabrics in the dryers, you will need to set the dryers to the appropriate temperatures and times. 
  • Clean articles should be folded into the appropriate size, either by hand or with a folding machine. Keep thorough records of the laundry that is done.

5. Hotel cleaner

  • Hiring Firm: Heritage Inn Hotel & Convention Centre
  • Estimated Salary: $15 an hour.
  • Job type: Part-time/Permanent.

 Expected Job Duties 

  • Clean the ceiling, walls, and windows.
  • Clean, mop, wash, and shine the floors.
  • Rugs, drapes, carpets, and upholstered furniture should all be vacuumed.
  • Make beds and replace linens.
  • Distribute fresh towels and hygiene products.
  • Kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances should be cleaned, sanitized, and polished.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing elevators
  • Take care of visitors’ requests for additional supplies or other goods
  • Clear the debris and empty the garbage cans.
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6. Server

  • Hiring Hotel: Denny’s
  • Location: Vernon, BC
  • Job type: Part-time.

Expected Job Duties 

  • You’ll make sure the service is correct and quick.
  • You will acquire in-depth product and menu expertise. 
  • By abiding by Denny’s Brand Standards and internal regulations and procedures, you will help Denny’s fulfil its purpose.
  • You’ll carry out additional tasks as needed or requested.
  • All of your visitors will have a warm and enjoyable experience thanks to you.

7. Hotel Managing Supervisor

  • Location: Brantford, ON
  • Estimated Salary: $23 an hour
  • Job type: Full-time.

Expected Job Duties 

  • Organize and submit reports on progress and other issues at work.
  • Help customers or visitors who have unique requirements.
  • Organize, assign, and evaluate the work.
  • Organize maintenance and repair operations to ensure the efficient operation of the machinery, equipment, and computer systems.
  • Set up work procedures and timetables, and coordinate activities with other departments or work units.
  • Recruit and teach employees their job responsibilities, safety measures, and corporate policies.

8. Line cook

  • Hiring business: Elkhorn Resort Spa & Conference Centre
  • Location: Onanole, MB
  • Estimated Salary: $17–$19 an hour
  • Job type: Full-time.

Expected Job Duties 

  • You will have to prepare full meals or specific foods and dishes for clients. 
  • Prepare specific meals for clients who have dietary restrictions or intolerances. 
  • Ensure that your kitchen and workspace are clean. 
  • Organize and oversee banquets and buffets.

9. Hotel Executive Housekeeper

  • Hiring hotel: Hôtel Tadoussac
  • Location: Tadoussac, QC
  • Estimated Salary: $800–$880 a week
  • Job type: Full-time

Expected Job Duties 

  • Hire and fire hotel personnel.
  • Manage and keep an eye on the entire hotel staff.
  • Create and put into action operational processes for the housekeeping division.
  • Make sure that departmental rules and safety requirements are followed.
  • Control the laundry facilities on-site
  • Schedule and allocate tasks to the cleaning crew
  • Follow any applicable local health and sanitation laws.

10. Head cleaner

  • Hiring Hotel: Oakville Motor Hotel
  • Location: Oakville, MB
  • Estimated Salary: $23.50 an hour
  • Job type: Full-time.


  •  2 years to less than 3 years experience in the field. 

Expected Job Duties

  • Make work schedules.
  • Create a budget and expenditure projections.
  • Recommend extra maintenance services or make arrangements for them.
  • Hire and train cleaning crew, or make arrangements for training.
  • Coordinate and supervise employee activity.
  • Check locations or facilities to make sure they meet safety and hygiene requirements.
  • Aid cleaners in carrying out their jobs.
  • Work on coordinating tasks with other departments.


We’ve just seen the top 10 hotel jobs in Canada. From housekeepers to event coordinators, there are plenty of opportunities available for both foreigners and Canadians to take advantage of. 

 So if you’re looking for a career in hospitality and tourism, make sure to try and apply for any of these positions as a starting point. 

If you have any questions, please share yh in the comments section. 


How Much Do Hotel Front Desk Workers Earn in Canada?


In Canada, the national average pay for a Hotel Front Desk is $37,587.

How Much Does A Hotel Cleaner Make In Canada?

The average pay for all hotel cleaners in Canada is about $14.50 per hour or $28,275 per year.

What is the Best Hotel to Work in Canada?

 Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, which manages renowned locations like the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, is the finest place to work in Canada.

How Much Do Hotel Workers Get Paid In Canada?

In Canada, a hotel employee makes an average pay of $42,920 a year or $22.01 per hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $53,336 per year, while entry-level occupations start at $41,662 annually.

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